How do you take the best pictures and which cameras should you use?

Taking pictures is now more popular than ever. Everybody, except maybe your grandma and the Amish people, has a mobile phone. This makes it possible for everybody to take a picture whenever they want to. You can even easily take a picture of yourself, using the Selfie button. However now that everybody has the possibility to take a picture, this doesn’t mean that anyone can take a good picture. Maybe you have seen it on your Facebook or instagram account, some people really suck at taking pictures! It’s not a big deal when a friend posts a bad picture. However, some businesses also publish photos with awful quality. This is a huge deal-breaker, and can cost a firm a lot of money. Whatever your intentions are, if you are an amateur photographer who wants to take the best pictures, or you have a business you want to promote, it’s really interesting to learn the best ways to take a picture. Below you will find some great tricks that will make you a pro photographer in no time! If you want to take a picture of the sunset, of your children or other beloved family members or something entirely else, read on.

1. Use a simple background and don’t place your subject in the middle

If you want to take a great picture, you want to make sure that the most important thing you are trying to capture on film stands out. This means that you have to be sure that there is not something annoying or distracting in the background. For example if you take a picture of somebody, make sure there aren’t other people in the background who are doing something intriguing. In an ideal situation these people also don’t look into the camera. You also have to be aware that there are no optic illusions. For example, sometimes when you take a picture of someone, an object in the background will look quite different from reality. It can appear that the person is eating the object or sitting on it while in reality the object is hundred metres away!


Another trick seems maybe a bit strange, but it really helps. Don’t put your subject in the middle of the photo! If you place your subject a bit to the left or the right of the centre or a bit above or below, it will look more lively and less static.

2. Look someone in the eyes

Just like real life, with pictures it’s also important to look somebody in the eyes. This gives photographs a personal and intimate vibe. Try to stand on the same eye level as the person you’re taking a picture of. If you try to photograph a child, bend your knees and lower your position. If you are using this method, the person who you are trying to make a picture of will also have an easier time looking in the camera, as a result he or she will act more natural and this will lead to a better picture.

3. Use something on the forefront to give depth to the picture  

Another excellent idea when you are trying to capture a beautiful landscape is to place something interesting on the forefront of your picture, this creates an interesting dynamic and gives your picture more depth. It will bring your photographs to life. For example, if you take a picture of a landscape with a tree in the foreground, the landscape will look bigger and even more majestic.

Which cameras should you use

There are a lot of excellent cameras you can purchase. There are so many choices that you can get a bit confused. However it’s a great idea to buy one because a good camera can bring you wonderful results. A really popular camera is the Sony A1, it has a really high resolutions combined with tremendous speed. It can shoot thirty pictures every second. This is possible because Sony produces the best sensors at this moment in time.


The Nikon Z7 2 also has photographs with a really high resolution. According to professionals it’s the best camera out there if you want to take a picture of a beautiful landscape. Another benefit of this camera is the huge amount of lenses that Nikon has to offer.


After reading this article you will be capable to make the best pictures possible, just use the tricks that we have taught you. Maybe you will not immediately take great pictures, however with practice you will get better fast! 

Photography for Casinos

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