The best cameras of 2022!

Are you someone who likes to take beautiful pictures? If you are, it is necessary that you possess the right equipment. It’s a shame if you see something that’s truly magnificent, but you don’t have a good camera to capture it on film. We want to help you. We have created a list of the best camera’s you can purchase in 2022. With these excellent cameras you can make the best pictures whenever you want, and wherever you go!

1. Fujifilm X-T4

Just like its predecessors, the appearance of this camera is fantastic. The makers of the company are right about that. If something is good, don’t try to fix it. However there are some new features which are really outstanding. Take the LCD-screen for example. You can freely move it around now. This is very useful. You can pay attention to the light. Also you can take selfies and make vlogs. The position of the buttons has changed slightly, it’s now easier to use them. The outside of the camera is made of steel, so it has very good protection.

There have also been major improvements in the software and the hardware of the camera. A lot of users wanted to have IBIS, in-body image stabilization, and they got it. With this feature you have 6.5 extra stops in image stabilization. Another great improvement is the focus software. You can have a clear image within 0,02 seconds, so this is one of the quickest cameras in the world. Furthermore if you like to take pictures of objects in nature, this camera is perfectly suited for you. You can easily follow a moving target, without having blurry images. Also this camera can take perfect pictures even if the surrounding light is not entirely perfect.

Are there any downsides to the Fuji X-T4? Yes, there are. Although this is the best camera which is available on the market right now, there still is some room for improvement. Just like other Fuji cameras, the X-T4 has strange menus.  There are not that easy to navigate, however if you have the camera in your possession for some time, you will get used to this.

2. Canon EOS R6

 Another great camera is the Canon EOS R6. This one is really helpful if you want to use it to make still photography. Although it has a 20MP sensor, which is a little bit lower than some other cameras, you really don’t notice this. Furthermore it performs excellent in a low light environment. Also, it has a dynamic range. This results in a lot of flexibility in regard to processing. The specs are outstanding. The software is also easy to use. For example the separation between stills and video settings is great. Besides all of this, the camera is also nicely build. You can hold it firmly, without having any fear you will drop it. Furthermore the buttons are well placed, you can reach them easily and quickly. The lay-out of the software is excellent. It’s easy to find the right features instantly. The IS system is outstanding. You don’t have to fear that you shake the camera and ruin the shoot, because the Canon EOS R6 will adjust for that. 

Although the price is a little bit higher than that of its competitors. It’s still worth it to buy the Canon EOS R6, because you can shoot faster with this one and video specs are also better than other cameras on the market. If you compare it to the Sony a7 III for example, it is clear that the Canon is more fun to shoot pictures with. The interface is simply a lot better. Also its 10-bit footage is way better and flexible. Other benefits include, the higher res viewfinder and the faster shooting rate. The IS is also outstanding and better than others.

3. Nikon Z6 II

This camera costs around 2000 dollar. This is a perfect price, it’s maybe not cheap but it’s the right price-quality combination. A lot of the professional cameras cost around 3000 dollar, this is quite a bit higher. However the Nikon Z6 II has almost the same features as these professional cameras. The difference in quality is barely noticeable. So, for fanatic hobbyists or even for professional who want to keep their budget under control, the Nikon Z6 II is perfect.

Another benefit are the additional Nikon products. Nikon has flashes, high-end lenses and a lot of other great accessories. These are all excellent products, and better than what the competitors have to offer. Are you planning to buy these kind of products? Then you should certainly buy a Nikon camera.

Other new features that Nikon has are a second memory card slot. Furthermore this camera has a lot of different little improvements that, put together, make the camera excellent.

The camera is also easy to handle. This is especially important when you are out in the field and trying to take some pictures of wildlife for example.

We hope that the information we shared is useful for you, and can help you find the right camera. We are confident that, whatever camera you choose, you will enjoy it. So have fun and take some nice pictures!